Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lance Honey, You Are Among Friends

Lance, just so you know, there is nary a gay person on earth who has not lied about major, major things. Until quite recently, deception, obfuscation, and a little something known as The Pronoun Game were simply how we got by. Fortunately, things are changing, and we find ourselves coming out--some would say coming "clean"--when time, circumstance, and courage intersect.

And that's what you've done--you've come clean. (Good job, friend.) Feels vulnerable, doesn't it? Breathtaking? Try to relax and just be in the moment. I'm certainly not in a position to be giving anyone advice, but I've been there, and I know the power of it all. The before and after, the rehearsed and measured admission, the gorgeous quiet when you are done.

Welcome to life on the other side. Welcome to actually knowing who your friends are, and why grace is referred to as amazing. Welcome to the Grand Order of the Former Damn Liars. 

Three suggestions for my brother Lance:

1) Let the clock tick--it gets better.

2) Watch Wish Me Away. Thousands of former Damn Liars around the country are finding it cathartic.

2) Listen to this helpful tune, forged out of the heart of one who has been there.