Friday, January 18, 2013

Technorati Something Something VR6EGYTP8MFU

OK. I just signed up with a blog-search-indexing-open-source-online-content-management (I have no idea what I'm saying here) internet thing called Technorati. Supposedly, it will help people find my blog to read it if they want to, or something like that. They said they want me to post a specific code, to prove that I am me. I am nothing if not compliant:


The perfect irony: I'm a tad reticent to prove that I am me because the I that is me could conceivably say bye-bye to a meaningful career as a public school teacher. In my 'hood, this is the current market-rate for teachers being "out," even anonymously, onlineHm...discretion being the better part of this a risk I'm willing to take?


Alas. I will summon my courage and press forward.