Friday, February 22, 2013

Calcified Convictions With A Side Order of Fossils

Oops. I got in a rush and wrote something really dumb. (That's what I get for trying to write while catching up on Breaking Bad.) My recent post about the movable middle finished thusly: "The movable middle, witnessing Chely Wright's immovable convictions, will themselves gladly move."

Immovable convictions? Really? Your Faithful Blogiatrix just wasn't thinking on that one.

It doesn't help anyone or any purpose or really the genesis of anything at all to assign it "immovable" convictions. I mean Geez Louise, aren't we all just making this up as we go? We modify, we redirect, we revise with every bit of new understanding that comes our way.

With that, please humor me as I rewrite my last sentence to my earlier post: "The movable middle, witnessing Chely Wright's integrity and consistency of character over the long haul, will themselves gladly move."