Monday, February 25, 2013

Heather Peace, Chely Wright, and One Freaking Awesome Concert

I'm noticing that a lot of the people who love Heather Peace's music also love Chely Wright's music. There appears to be some kind of very strong parallel there. What would be unparalleled, though, is the potential Vibe of Happiness brought about by a concert featuring both Heather Peace and Chely Wright.

A Vibe of Happiness, I say. And I have been neither drinking nor smoking!

They are not songwriters who I would have guessed would share fanbases, but clearly they do--most of the regular readers of this blog live in the UK, Canada or the US, so it does make sense.

Heather and Chely are reaching the same demographic and appear to have the same values and message and even concerns. While Chely Wright is involved with GLSEN, Heather Peace is involved with the British counterpart, Diversity Role Models. Both are generous patrons of various Pride initiatives. Both have made bold and stirring videos calling for action. (Here is Heather's video, and here is Chely's video.) They are both from modest backgrounds and worked very hard to educate themselves to achieve their successes. Interestingly, they have even both been very forthcoming about their personal faith and the conflict they have felt with the Church.

They really are quite similar. like cousins kind of, across the pond from each other. They have a lot to say to the world, and a lot of the world is listening.

So what's the next step? Who do we need to email to get those two to do a concert for us?