Friday, March 29, 2013

Rosanne Cash, God, and The Void

Johnny Cash
All this LGBT rights stuff would be so much easier if it were polarized: either/or, perfect/hellish, ice/fire. Your side/my side. You're wrong/I'm right. I'm evolved/you're not. You need to be quiet while I get to talk.

Unfortunately, those extremes are neither reality nor available to us. We live in a world of paradox, both/and, simultaneous contradiction. I've found that the people who learn to live comfortably with paradox, usually are the ones who seem to really live. They tend to be the people I admire. They draw me toward who I want to be.

Rosanne Cash once said something about her famous Dad, Johnny Cash, that made me love him even more. She spoke of his own awareness of the paradoxes within himself, and how he managed them.
"...he could contain both darkness and light, love and trouble, fear and faith, wholeness and shatteredness, addiction and enlightenment, old school and post-modern, Baptist and Jew, the sacred and the silly, God and the void, but always and relentlessly with the backbeat and the rhythm driving the paradoxes."
A really smart person once described Johnny Cash as the "lens through which to view American contradictions and challenges."** And is that ever true. Johnny Cash represents for me so much of my life, of my relatives who have passed on, of all the highs and lows I've known so far. I love Johnny Cash. I wish he were here to tell us what he thinks about LGBT rights and marriage equality. I like to think I can guess what he would say.
Here's the video where Rosanne Cash talks a little bit about her Dad--it should probably be Required Viewing for Everyone, Everywhere. And then she sings one of my favorite songs. Enjoy.

**Here's a link to the book that quote is from.