Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Our Chance to End The LGBT "Death Sentence" in Uganda

The Pride Parade
last summer in Uganda.
You probably already know this, but the anti-gay bunch in Uganda are mean as hornets, and we have a chance to change it up!

Hornet-Level Meanness: one of the newspapers there had a headline reading "Hang Them" and then listed Uganda's Top 100 Homos. Another paper published the names and home addresses of people who are suspected of being gay. One person said that being out in Uganda is basically a death sentence. They are even trying to pass a law called the Kill the Gays. (Link to an article in The Advocate) The article has other examples that will confirm the hornet metaphor.

Gandhi-Level Courage and Brains: Some people are producing a documentary in Uganda for Ugandans (that part is key) to "raise the voices of Uganda's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community" so they'll know they're not alone and hopefully begin to change the culture. This could save a truckload of lives, because this is how change happens, right? The movie is called Voices of the Abasiyazzi.

Here's our part: they are funding this movie through donations as low as $1 at They are a third of the way to their total of just under $75,000. Kickstarter stipulates a deadline for accountability. To get the money, they need to have it all raised by their deadline, Saturday morning, April 20th. (I just learned about this project, or I would have told you earlier.) Fortunately, the amount raised appears to be growing at a steady clip, and it looks like if enough people come on board--even for just a buck--this documentary is going to happen.

Here's the link that explains the whole thing. It is a jarring read. The man making the film describes the danger their lives will be in as they interview people and film the documentary--scroll to "Risks and Challenges," then contemplate that Gandhi-level courage.

This could really happen, and what a wonderful thing. Wonderful! So, for anyone in a position to donate even a buck, please join me over at and watch the world change.