Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Reading, Writing & a Casino in Italy?

Chely Wright's website gave me a little shockeroo yesterday when I was led, through a link, to an online casino in Italy. (!?!?!)

Fans of Chely Wright may recall that she started a charitable foundation called Reading, Writing & Rhythm. I know very little about the foundation, but I understand it involved giving band instruments to school kids. Her website has a page dedicated to Reading, Writing & Rhythm and a link for more information.

I clicked the link. It took me to an online casino based in Italy.

Now, my grandmother, age 93, will tell you that the internet is a sign of the imminent return of Christ. She believes it is prophesied in the Bible and is a harbinger of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

I don't know about end times prophecy, but I do suspect a certain casino has managed to co-opt the web address of a certain foundation started by a certain country singer. (To avoid confusion, I'm not going to put the errant link here.) I googled Reading, Writing & Rhythm and found dozens of references to Chely Wright's foundation, with most of them including the errant link.

Perhaps her memoir explains why the foundation ended its work. Perhaps I need to finish reading the memoir! (Perhaps over my Spring Break, on a five-hour train ride to Chicago?) Perhaps it ended when she came out and Nashville forgot they knew her--I sure hope I'm wrong about that. That would be sad--I'm going to assume I'm wrong about that.

And I'm going to continue being amused by the links connecting Chely Wright, Dissident Country Singer to some random casino in Italy.

Life takes its funny turns, and the internet makes them funnier. Probably for Chely Wright, it's not that funny--the poor girl has been through enough. (Can't you just hear the the accusations of her promoting gambling?) And for the foundation called Reading, Writing & Rhythm, perhaps it will flourish again someday. Never say never.

Until then, good work continues with Chely Wright's current foundation, LikeMe.
And as for my Grandma? Just don't get her started on the Illuminati.