Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Death Penalty for Being Gay

Recently I learned that some people reading this blog live in countries that have the death penalty for being gay. 

I'll say it again--the death penalty. 

I know that around half of the hits on my stats page are from robots. (Weird to think about.) Even still--some of the human readers are facing the death penalty. 

And yet they do read blogs on the internet. Somehow, in the immensity of this world, they have heard Chely Wright's music, presumably know her story, and take comfort in her message that she is LikeThem. Or they are LikeHer. You know what I mean, that they are not alone.

Imagine the risk they must be taking when they read this or listen to her music. Imagine their lives of courage and resilience. Imagine the bond they must feel with us who enjoy lives of greater freedom. Imagine their longing.

For information on the rights of LGBT people around the world, please consider The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission. (QUESTION: do they include transgendered people among their concerns? Please let me know if you find out.) A quick glance on google indicated five countries (unnamed here, to protect the readers) that have the death penalty for LGBT people, and three more countries where self-appointed judges and militia groups routinely torture and kill LGBT people.
To the readers in those nations,
You are not alone. We see what you are facing. Take comfort--we dream with you of a day when it will end. We pray and we work to end your suffering. Persist in your courage, in knowing what is true of you, and in the knowledge that you are not alone.