Sunday, May 12, 2013

Chely's Captivating Womb

See what I mean? Even her bookish/hipster side
 holds our attention.
I tend to forget that Chely Wright is captivating.

My life, like everyone else's life, is busy and full of noise and fuss and reality and moving along at Warp 9. Somehow, though, Chely Wright keeps showing up on various horizons, reminding me that lots of people are captivated by her. I don't think they know exactly why they are captivated--I have my suspicions why, but that conjecture needs to wait for a future blog post.

For now, however, let's just operate on the assumption that--for whatever reason--lots of people around the globe are quite captivated by Chely Wright.

A quick search on People Magazine's website indicates they've written about Chely Wright around 29 times. That's a bunch. And, to their credit, they wrote about her before she came out, when she came out, and after she came out. They appear to be interested in more than the Country Demographic or the Gay Demographic or the Over-40-But-Looking-Thirty demographic.

And now she and her wife are having identical twins.

Isn't that perfect? This sort of thing makes me believe in God. Think about it: many of those who are the most hostile to LGBT rights in the USA also happen to be country music fans. Those same folks would never (and I mean ever) stand in Barnes & Noble to browse through Curve magazine or The Advocate or Diva, but they'll read People Magazine shamelessly, in a heartbeat. They'll read it in the waiting room at their dentist's office, the barber shop, in line at the grocery store, getting their oil name it.

And I'm hoping--I am keep my fingers crossed--that People will write about those twins, and keep writing about them well into the future. Through this improbable lens, the American public could gain another glimpse into how mundane life really is for same sex couples with children. Ideally, this could confirm in readers' minds that families with same sex parents are just that--families. Not trends, not lifestyles, not political statements. Just...families.

People Magazine has an opportunity here, and I hope they leverage it.