Friday, June 7, 2013

Word Got Around To The Barflies and the Baptists

I'm not making this up.

Last year a Baptist minister had a vision, presumably from God, of traveling the country in an RV to preach the Good News of inclusion to other Baptists.

From their website:
Little did I know this vision would give birth to the Living Jubilee Revival Tour, the 30-day, 3500-mile trip across 15-states which begins June 10, 2013.
As you may know, I started this blog as a response to an odd, somewhat disorienting vision of my own. (Read about it here.) I'm not someone who has a lot of "epiphanies" as I call them, and I felt silly indeed responding to it. But respond I did because I felt compelled to do so. Reading about this pastor's vision and courageous response has encouraged me a great deal. And the part about the RV? That's just cool.

As so often happens, the vision became more specific as the pastor pondered why us? Why now?

Again from the website:

This is when my vision became a full-on, 3-D revelation with costumes, smoke machines, and extras. (Ok, I'm exaggerating a bit but you get the picture.) What I saw was the image of the New Heaven and the New Earth with lion and lamb, gay and straight, believer and disenchanted returning to their roots and discovering that God's Love is for all whether you want it or not! And the most exciting part was the image that Love is what we are called to come alive to; not judgment, not fear, not any human understanding of who is in and who is out. 
The happy result of this vision is indeed the 30-day, 3500 mile, 15-state tour mentioned above. And yes they will travel in an RV, and yes they will be two blocks from my apartment on my birthday. (Could it be a sign? Praise the Lord!) Anyway, pardon me. I get excited.

So this will be my first Baptist Revival. What do I wear? How big does my hair actually have to be? Will the event be anything like I've seen in movies? Will Kristin Chenoweth (or a reasonable facsimile) be on hand to sing Because He Lives? Can I dance, drink and smoke behind the RV in the parking lot? So many questions.

NOTE: By the way, the title of this blog post is a line from Miranda Lambert's song Mama's Broken Heart.