Friday, July 19, 2013

This Isn't The Moldova Marije Cornelissen Knows

The limited-slip rear differential comes standard.
Is it just me, or does Moldova sound like the name of a car?
The 2013 Chevy Moldova--equipped with a 3 litre twin turbo V6 engine and five settings of torque reduction for superior handling.
Earlier this summer, the word Moldova kept showing up in my blog's analytics, along with indications that about twenty individuals from that country were reading this blog. And I, being the true American that I am, knew basically nothing about Moldova. I began reading, and learned a bunch. (notes)

If you follow the news out of Europe, you know that Moldova is gearing up to integrate their businesses with the EU. (notes) They have a Parliament, an informed electorate, and a growing economy.

In other words, Moldova is not a backward country. At all.

And that's why it was so shocking today when I read that the Moldovan government secretly passed an anti-gay law. (The article) More specifically, the law prohibits the distribution of any information related to LGBT issues, among other things. If I'm reading this right, violators will be fined and businesses could be forced to close their doors for up to a year.

No Trevor Project. No It Gets Better. No Wish Me Away, or Like Me. Just...silence.

Here's the encouraging part:
A woman named Marije Cornelissen MEP, a member of The European Parliamentary LGBT Integroup, said, "This isn't the Moldova I know, which can be tolerant and accepting. Recently the government made progress by annulling similar regional laws in order to comply with human rights standards. I hope this law will be annulled soon as well. If it isn't, it could cast a long shadow over Moldova's visa liberalization process with the EU." (notes)

I suspect that Ms. Cornelissen is not the only one hoping the law gets annulled soon. Moldova is home to 3.5 million educated, thinking people, living in a representative democracy. Let them stand up and insist on annulment before the silence gets too loud.