Monday, August 19, 2013

Spotify and My Embryonic Opinion

The evidence suggests I'm
still in process, darn it all.
So here's the part where I eat my words.

A few weeks ago, I posted what I now understand to be a goofy,  superficial, and needlessly brittle opinion about the music streaming service called Spotify. Shortly thereafter, some of the wisest friends I have suggested that I rethink my position.

Spotify, I was reminded, is a market-driven and very popular resource for listeners as well as artists. Listeners enjoy the benefits of a cost-free music streaming service, and artists enjoy broad exposure to those listeners.

My Libertarian friend pointed out that Spotify is the future. Freed of government censorship, freed of the constraints of Madison Avenue, Spotify is something like the Wild West of music. Wide open spaces. The blue yonder.  I didn't argue--she is way, way smarter than me. Cuter too, so I listened attentively.

And she's right. Spotify probably is the future. It disregards social constructs. It carries a world is flat, long-tailed purple cow sensibility that will endure.

I had hoped by age 48 I would know better than to run my mouth without fully thinking through my ideas.

No such luck though. Apparently, I haven't arrived yet. The work of growing into thoughtful consideration remains yet before me.

I intend to persist in this growth. And while that's happening, I will create a suitable Spotify playlist to enjoy.

(Reminder: I do not know Chely Wright personally or know anyone who knows her personally. The musings in this blog are mine only and represent no one else. I promise.)