Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Emmy, Chely, and the Chord Heard 'Round the World

Emmy, gilded with lighting bolt wings.
Isn't she pretty?
I know alarmingly little about the Emmy Awards. I know they are sometime around September/October this year, I know people get completely dressed up to attend them, and I know that winning one of the awards puts you on the map for the rest of your life.

True confession: I've never cared enough to learn the difference betwixt the Emmys, the Grammys, the Tonys, and the Oscars. I admire the winners--I admire anyone who is the best at what they do--but I just don't really care about either the awards or the show. Unlike nearly everyone I have ever met, I don't have strong emotions attached to the big awards shows. I have no idea why--the feelings just never did kick in.

This year may be a little different, though.

I understand that the documentary about Chely Wright, Wish Me Away, has been nominated for an Emmy Award. This makes me happy indeed. I would love to see it win.

Perhaps a Wish Me Away win will drive more funds toward it. Wouldn't it be incredible if the movie could be translated into the languages of the people around the world suffering the harshest persecution for being LGBT?

Russian or Latvian, for example? (Latvijci, da li bi bilo korisno da su "Wish Me Away", preveden na latvijski ili ruski? Da li bi bilo ohrabrenje za naše LGBT braću i sestre?)

Or Farsi? (خوش آمدید فارسی زبان!آیا شما لذت بردن از تماشای فیلم "ای کاش من دور" ترجمه شده به زبان فارسی؟)

I enjoy imagining the comfort that might be brought to the women in Iran facing beheadings. To the fine folks in Uganda and Senegal facing imprisonment, the loss of their homes and their livelihoods.

I suspect that people around the world are currently watching this movie in English, perhaps with the "auto" subtitles that the internet offers, and perhaps with their own English-speaking skills. But those subtitles can be goofy, and there's nothing like hearing it in your own language...

Wish Me Away has struck a chord with people, that's certain.

Perhaps an Emmy win will amplify that chord even further...

(Reminder: I do not know Chely Wright personally or know anyone who knows her personally. The musings in this blog are mine only and represent no one else. I promise.)