Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Shovels and Rope, Bad As Me

"The blood on the floor.
The thunder and the roar."
I can't quit listening to the married couple Shovels and Rope sing their raw, convulsive offering Bad As Me

Their version of the Tom Waits tune feels extra urgent. Even a little voracious, in a way. And--some how--that song has found the resonating frequency of this moment in my life and it won't leave me alone.

Thank God.

I'm trying my best, day in and day out, to embrace the tentative nature of middle age, but man, it's tough. Aging parents, teacher layoffs, pension funds, my car...all unwilling to follow any kind of agenda or schedule. I know that I am one of the fortunate ones, but still…I get tired.  

That’s when the noise and fuss of Bad As Me becomes my friend.

Chely Wright and Jennifer Knapp have written that flavor of "edgy" truth, as well. JKnapp certainly reached it with Inside; if you haven't heard that, you oughta. In Lifted Off The Ground, Chely Wright proffered honesty that nearly cost her a career. 

And the songs they sing reflect the push and shove of my days. I'm deeply grateful, in an urgent and voracious kind of way. :o) 

P.S. I'm not posting a link to Shovels and Rope's Bad As Me because I can't find a good one! It's out there somewhere. Don't miss it.